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We are widely recognized as caring, professional attorneys who work tirelessly and effectively in our clients’ behalf, but who can also be counted on by our clients for candid and experienced advice.

Child Custody and Support

Child custody issues often create the most emotional stresse in any divorce..

The considerations are complex when dealing with the impact of divorce upon children. On the one hand, many couples stay together “for the sake of the children” trying to put aside or hide their own mounting differences.


Divorce Proceedings

Dissolving a marriage and getting a divorce is stressful for anyone, adding conflict can make it worse.

Having divorce lawyers representing you not only reduces your stress but also makes sure you receive the entitlements you may have coming or simply give you a peace of mind.


Property Distribution

Reaching an equitable distribution of marital and nonmarital property during a divorce is often emotional and the subject of major dispute.

If the couple has been married for several years, there is likely to be a house, stocks, business investments, trusts, retirement assets, and even vacation homes and time-shares to sort out.



The family law attorneys and staff of Dittrich & Lawrence, P.A., recognized as one of the premier divorce and family law firms serving Southeastern Minnesota, recognize what clients who face the breakup of a marriage feel and need. We can help clients understand how the decisions they face will affect their future lives. After a quarter century of exclusively practicing Minnesota divorce law, we know how to help.

Contact the Rochester, Minnesota, divorce lawyers at Dittrich & Lawrence, P.A.. Our reputation speaks for our history of effective representation, skillful application of Minnesota divorce law, sensitive listening, and concern about the best interests of our clients.